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Workers Comp Investigation

As you know, workers compensation is to ensure justice, safety, and a worker’s peace of mind. Unfortunately, there are people who do not respect this worker’s right, people who seek to manipulate the system to pocket illegal funds and deprive workers of their compensation.

At Accurate Investigations, our core mission is to prevent and expose these crimes. We are a workers compensation surveillance company located in Boise ID, serving the interests of workers in Boise ID and the surrounding area. Workers comp surveillance gets behind the scenes at your work environment, using video and sound recording technologies to investigate workers compensation fraud. But what allows us to perform our best is more than our workers comp surveillance technology—it’s our deep conviction that a worker’s justice is irrevocable. No matter your job, no matter your pay, you do not have to stand for workers comp fraud. 

Accurate Investigations brings a high standard of organization to our workers comp surveillance strategies and procedures. Contact Accurate Investigations today to learn more about how workers compensation surveillance can save you hassle and bring you justice.

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